Who We Are

The Nob Hill Association (NHA), Dedicated to Strengthening Our Neighborhood Through Community and the Nob Hill Foundation (NHF), are non-profit corporations dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Nob Hill neighborhood and of Huntington Park. NHA and NHF also focus on the enhancement of public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of this historically significant area of San Francisco.

We are History

The Association, the oldest neighborhood association in San Francisco, was formed in 1928 by a group of concerned residents who wished to maintain and improve their unique neighborhood.

We are People

The members of the Nob Hill Association and the affiliated Nob Hill Foundation care deeply about their community and those who comprise it. The Associations Officers and Board of Directors are all volunteers. The Association boasts members from all parts of San Francisco and many parts of the United States and overseas. Anyone who shares the Association’s goals is invited to join.

We are Neighborhood

Located atop one of San Francisco’s highest hills, Nob Hill is home to numerous diverse communities. Committed to the beautification of the neighborhood, the Association “adopted” Huntington Park in the early 1970’s and has contributed significantly to its renovation and ongoing maintenance, including the complete restoration of the famed Fountain of the Tortoises which is the focal point of this beautiful park. To inaugurate the holiday season, the Association hosts the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in the Park. Nob Hill is home to one of San Francisco’s most imposing landmarks, Grace Cathedral. Tucked away on Jones Street between Sacramento and Clay is the intimate Jones Street Water Tank Garden that the Association helped renovate and to which the Association continues to provide maintenance support. In the summer of 2014, after many years of fundraising and planning efforts, the Association successfully renovated the Children’s Play Area in Huntington Park.

We are Business

All visitors to San Francisco come to The Hill which is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and renowned hotels and restaurants as well as a mecca for shoppers. The Association’s Business Members significantly support the Association’s projects and contribute immeasurably to the quality of life on Nob Hill.

Board of Directors


President: Barbara Mount
Vice President: Michael Baier
Treasurer: Judith Droz Keyes
Secretary: Stan Landfair

Board of Directors

Philip Alford, Sandra Assar, Michael Baier, Hudson Bell, Maureen M. Birdzell, Mary Ray Brophy, Allan Casalou, Gregory Cheng, Anne Chognard, Christina Deeb, Michael Deeb, John Doremus, Maarten Drenth, Homer Dunn, Lorre Erlick, Greg Galanos, Stephen R. Farrand, Serena Fritz-Cope, Richard J. Guggenhime, Israel Hernandez, Frances L. Hildebrand, Phillip S. Hogan, Thomas E. Horn, Judith Droz Keyes, Stan Landfair, David L. Lefkowitz, Gail Isono, Thomas Klein, Glen Nelson, Brandy Marts, Barbara Mount, Joseph Omran, Nicki Parisi, Torey Presti, Dillon Rogers, Harriet Ross, Rupert Scammell, Todd Stein, William Terrell, Yo Yoshida

Directors Circle

Lorraine C. Baxter, Robert R. Baxter, Harriet Meyer Quarre, Adrianna Pope Sullivan, John Cope, Dan Finnane, Christine Selle, Angela Waite